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Alternate costumes are a feature added as the primary component of update 1.0.2. They are available to all party members in the post-game.

Changing Costumes

Party members can change clothes by standing in front of the wardrobe in the Trial By Combat tent in Lykoria. Each party member has one alternate costume. If a character wearing their regular clothing is selected to change costumes, they will swap into their alternate outfit. If a character in an alternate costume is chosen, they will change back into their typical clothes.

Costume List


  • Antonio was initially planned to wear a copy of Hrekoseriat’s post-game armor, though it appeared too visually similar to the armor worn by Mylor (and the replica worn by Lana).
  • Elloria’s hair is not worn in a ponytail when Diana’s Gear is equipped, making this the only time that she is playable with her hair down.
  • Antonio was given Devalt’s outfit as a nod to a comment he makes near the beginning of the game; when Lana asks who’s outside her door, Antonio jokes that it’s the Emperor.