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Antonio de Leónra (/anˈtonjo de leˈonɾa/) is a Gunslinger and high-ranking member of the Harbingers. He enters the Storynth on a search for his daughter. He is a playable character who specializes in firearms-related skills.


Antonio is a middle-aged human with brown skin, black hair, and blue-green eyes. He wears a brown coat marked with grey accents. Antonio has moderately long hair, including long, spiky bangs and a medium-length goatee. He usually wears dark makeup around his eyes.


Antonio is determined, quick to action, and somewhat impulsive. He is unafraid to speak his mind and share his thoughts, even if doing so may risk placing him in harm’s way. Generally, he values bravery and honesty, though his role in the Harbingers also showcases a certain respect for stealth...when it’s absolutely required.

Despite his slight tendency toward stubbornness, Antonio is willing to learn and adapt to change where appropriate (e.g. regarding his grudge against Fiends). He is hesitant to express emotional vulnerability, though he doesn’t react negatively when others do so.

He sporadically engages in what could be described as “dad humor.”

Final Weapon

This section contains story spoilers.
The Maiden’s Farewell was originally created as a set of two identical guns—one given to Antonio, and the other to his brother Eduardo. During the attack on Leónra, Isabela was given the Maiden’s Farewell for safekeeping, leading to its eventual housing with Erzabat in Dusklight.

The gun’s appearance, menu icon, and attack animation range from light to medium blue.


  • Antonio often had skills, stats, and even out-of-game media implemented before any other party member because his name was first alphabetically.
  • One Final Bullet was originally intended to make Antonio unable to take damage until struck twice. The first time, he would dodge the attack, but his Perfect Dodge would be removed; the second time, he would take damage as normal. This was changed because Perfect Dodge would generally try to cancel upon taking damage rather than upon being struck, which meant that it would persist indefinitely.
    • Another issue involving Perfect Dodge (discovered very late in development) involved the state’s resistance to status ailments. If Antonio was hit by the only one-hit-KO skill in the game whilst Perfect Dodge was still active, it wouldn’t affect him at all. As a result, the skill always removes Perfect Dodge from its target upon use—regardless of the party member it’s targeting.