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Emperor Augustin Devalt (/ɔʊguˈstin ˈdɛvɔlt/) is the leader and co-founder of the Vostinian Empire. While his second-in-command was exceptionally skilled in developing and adapting new technologies for Imperial use, Devalt’s expertise lay in his skills as a tactician and military commander.

In recent decades, he has seemingly shifted his focus away from military operations to more actively serve as leader of the Great Council.

He serves as the boss of the Citadel.


Devalt appears to be a middle-aged human with pinkish, pale skin, blonde hair, and grey eyes. He wears a black coat with white accents; the garment underneath this layer is also predominantly black, but with yellow accents. His black, square glasses are relatively ornate, possessing a silver ornament on their left lens. Devalt’s hair is short and sits close to his head. He maintains a small amount of grey-blonde stubble on his chin.

As a young man, Devalt’s hair was longer and a more vibrant blonde.


Augustin Devalt is intelligent, self-assured, and ruthless. While not ostentatiously charismatic, Devalt is nonetheless persuasive and willing to mislead and manipulate others to achieve his own ends.

Devalt does not often directly engage in combat or partake in other practices that inflict direct harm to civilians, but he has few qualms about authorizing others to do so. He believes firmly in withholding information from the public that could make the Empire appear vulnerable.

This section contains story spoilers.
Devalt regards the Fieli as subhuman, harvesting their mana in order to prolong his lifespan. He has no aversion to morally dubious projects as long as they eventually benefit him.

Boss Battle

Devalt is fought in the Great Council chamber on the twelfth floor of the Citadel. In addition to his regular attacks, he can use the following skills:

  • Empowered Slash: deals damage and debuffs the target's Agility.
  • Transference: deals damage to a target and restores Devalt's HP in accordance with damage dealt.
  • Accursed Blood: damages Devalt slightly in exchange for causing his target to bleed (causing damage over time) and have their skills sealed.
  • Levity: greatly boosts Devalt's Agility.


  • Devalt is two years older than Klaus.
  • Devalt’s fondness for Latin is reflected in the titles of songs associated with him.
    • His battle music is titled “Non Imperator Iam,” translating to “No Longer Emperor.”
    • His Citadel overworld theme, “Amicus Optimus,” translates to “Greatest Friend.”