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The Bloodmorse Hunting Grounds are a dungeon located in the Bloodmorse Territory of the Storynth. The Hunting Grounds are the fourth dungeon in the Storynth.


The Bloodmorse Hunting Grounds are labyrinthine and, by virtue of Hrekoseriat’s magical instability, covered in crystalline rainfall. There is a camp in the northeast corner of the Hunting Grounds occupied by Jacob and his batling, Lyrem. If the player interacts with Lyrem, she can carry the player more quickly around the Hunting Grounds.

Dusklight sits north of the Grounds, and the Bloodfort lies to their west.


Before the destabilization of Hrekoseriat’s mana, the Hunting Grounds were grassy and temperate. The Bloodmorse Hunting Grounds served as a region in which the Fieli of the Clan could train and acquire resources.

Even when perpetually cloaked in snow, the Hunting Grounds are still occupied by hunters and trackers seeking to train in the Grounds.

Boss Encounter

Evrakal Bloodmorse and the warriors of the Alvokirri serve as the boss fight at the end of the dungeon.

After passing through the first section of the dungeon, the Knife Enthusiast will appear and challenge the party to a fight.