Cerulos is a god-being associated with wisdom, defense, and healing. His magic is most commonly utilized by humans, including prominent use in the Cerulosian Order. Cerulos' magic can be applied in a variety of circumstances for both restorative and offensive purposes.


Like other god-beings, Cerulos typically remains intangible, as this form allows him to spread his energy over a greater area. If necessary, however, he can assume an avatar, the power of which varies based upon how he chooses to divide his energy.

The Avatar of Cerulos has white skin, short, grey-white hair, and yellow eyes. This form has pointed ears like those of modern Fieli, but lacks a tail. Typically, the Avatar appears in a grey-white robe.


Generally, Cerulos does not tend to withhold power from his devotees, even if that power is being used to inflict harm. Like Solurec, his personality is relatively subdued when using his Avatar, though he is observed to be courteous and straightforward.

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