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The Cerulosian faith is a set of religious and spiritual practices commonly associated with the humans of Wrytoll. The Cerulosian Order is the only remaining organization devoted entirely to the religion.

Basic Principles

Followers of the Cerulosian faith worship Lord Cerulos, a god-being associated with wisdom, protection, light, and healing. Followers of Cerulos tend to value justice, balance, and maintaining others' well-being.

As a debatably extremist sect of the Order, the Cerulosian Inquisition’s practices are not reflective of the faith as a whole.


Cerulosian magic often feels comforting and slightly warm to both the caster and their target. Unlike Solurecian magic, Cerulos’ magic is not envigorating as much as it is soothing.

In addition to its basic curative properties, Cerulosian magic is also well-suited to curing disease and assisting with the management of long-term health issues (e.g. physical disability or mental illness).


Humans are the most common devotees of Cerulos, and his magic is most easily utilized by them. Within the Storynth, Cerulos is not looked down upon, nor is participation in the Cerulosian faith discouraged; however, most Fieli have extreme difficulty in using Cerulosian magic.

Fieli capable of channeling Cerulos’ energy, such as the songstress in Dusklight, are able to utilize his magic without the need of assistive technology like a Seal.

Associated Organizations