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The Cerulosian Order is a Wrytollian human religious organization devoted to the worship of Cerulos. They are officially led by Commander Morgan Aviras, though the Cerulosian Inquisition is managed primarily by Diana.


The Cerulosian Order was a major social and political presence in pre-Imperial Wrytoll due to the widespread worship of Cerulos in the region. While most Wrytollian organizations were dissolved as part of Wrytoll’s annexation, Emperor Devalt made an exception for the Order due to its potential use in military operations.

Priests of Cerulos are rare by the events of Storynth because of their weaker combat abilities (relative to Paladins).


All members of the Cerulosian Order are practitioners of the Cerulosian Faith, though how they choose to utilize Cerulos’ power varies depending on the individual’s role within the organization and their individual preferences.

Due to the rarity of magically gifted humans, most Paladins require at least a decade of training before they are capable of repeatedly casting spells or using mana-intensive techniques. As such, most members of the Order are recruited as apprentices before the age of thirteen.

New Commanders of the Cerulosian Order are appointed by the previous Commander, though the appointee will only assume the role when the existing Commander either dies or abdicates from their position. Historically, familial inheritance of the title was common; however, the modern preference tends toward selection of a successor based upon their level of experience rather than relation by blood.


The Cerulosian Inquisition is a specialized sect of the Cerulosian Order. Comprised entirely of Inquisitors, the Inquisition’s primary function in the modern era is to hunt down any Fiends that emerge from the Storynth.

Inquisitors of Cerulos are specially trained to wield Cerulos’ energy in its most destructive and unstable form. They have little regard for the harm this energy may inflict upon their bodies when used in spellcasting, leading to vast offensive potential—but a greater risk of fatigue or death.

To be considered worthy of joining the Inquisition, a Paladin must enter the Storynth on a pilgrimage to the Tomb of Cerulos.


A Paladin’s Seal is a component of their armor. It serves two fundamental functions: first and foremost, it acts as a means of stabilizing and focusing the bearer’s mana, allowing them to use magic even if they would not otherwise be able to do so. Secondly, it cloaks the Paladin in a thin layer of Cerulos’ energy, improving their resistance to darkness and bolstering the range and efficacy of their magic. This minor amount of Cerulosian energy can also help counteract certain physical and mental health conditions.

Paladins can activate their Seal to flood themselves with Cerulosian energy, increasing the power of their abilities. The excess energy often presents as a glow—usually blue or green—in the eyes. This glow also occurs when renewing the blessing on the Seal.

The Seal on a Paladin’s armor is entwined with their mana, including the energy that comprises their life force. As a result, breaking the armor’s Seal is virtually guaranteed to kill the associated Paladin. Damaging the Seal will reduce its efficacy, though this does not necessarily impact the bearer’s health. When activated, damaged Seals glow with a less vibrant color.