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Cirran Aviras (/ˈsɪrən ˈɑviˑrɑs/) is a former member of the Cerulosian Order and the only child of Morgan Aviras.


Cirran is an adult human with dark brown skin, turquoise-green hair, and green eyes. They most often wear a predominantly purple outfit, including a jacket. Cirran’s hair is styled to sit over their right shoulder, accompanied by unparted bangs that slightly obscure their eyebrows. They wear three pink earrings in their left ear.


This section contains story spoilers.

Cirran is fairly open and friendly, though they aren’t afraid of being assertive when required. Their resourcefulness allowed them to enter the Storynth entirely on their own and eventually acquire and operate the inn located within the Bloodfort.

Cirran places great value on their safety and well-being within the Storynth, even to the point of regarding their desire to visit the World Above and their father as an impossibility (due to the difficulty of re-entering the Storynth). After Antonio tells Cirran that Victoria could probably get them back into the Storynth, Cirran identifies the group as Harbingers and excitedly agrees to the journey, if only for a brief visit.

If talked to in their inn, Cirran can reveal that Morgan named them as his successor to the role of Commander, prioritizing bloodline over experience.

This caused a good deal of outrage among the Inquisitors, who assumed that Diana would be next in line to lead due to her extensive experience as a Paladin and an Inquisitor; even Cirran agreed that she would be better suited for the position. To escape both the rising tensions within the Order and the Vostinian Empire as a whole, Cirran pried open the Final Gate and took shelter within the Storynth.

Cirran briefly joins the party during the Day of Reckoning, though they elect to guard the entry to the Citadel with Morgan and other members of the Order rather than venture inside.

In the Post-Game

Cirran can no longer be found in their inn, instead working as a healer in the Trial By Combat. They also serve as an opponent in the Trial’s Gold Rank, and can give the party the Aviran Signet Ring.


  • Because Elloria met Cirran when she first joined the Order and Cirran went into the Storynth when they were still “a teenager,” it can be estimated that Cirran is around 30 years old.
  • Similarly to Lana, Cirran’s legal title is the gender-neutral, Low Vostinian “Citizen” rather than a High Vostinian honorific.
    • When explaining why they left Wrytoll, Cirran calls attention to the fact that some members of the Order may have been frightened by the idea of having a Citizen named as Commander.