Colkeris Swiftblade (/kol'kɛɾis 'swɪftbleɪd/) is the acting leader of the Swiftblade Clan, based in Merkalet.


Colkeris is an extremely elderly Fieli belonging to the Swiftblade Clan. He has green skin, grey-white hair, and blue eyes. He wears a white, robe-like garment. His hair is short, spiking outward from the sides of his head.


Colkeris is renowned for his patience and compassion, even for those who may not return it in kind. He has a great understanding of language, though his Low Vostinian speech sounds slightly unusual to human speakers. Despite the knowledge that his Clan’s dwindling population may eventual lead to its dispersion, he remains positive and devoted to ensuring that his people are safe and well-cared-for.


  • Colkeris is the only known speaker of Wrytollian encountered in-game.
  • Colkeris’ style of speech in Low Vostinian—namely, his omission of articles—is common among Fieli who have less experience with the language. In his particular case, however, the omission could indicate that Wrytollian also lacks these words, making it more similar to Sraharl.
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