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Dakoseriat Bloodmorse (/dɑkosˈɛːɾiæt ˈblʌdmɔrs/), more commonly known as Dakos (/ˈdɑkos/), is a Fiend exiled from the Bloodmorse Clan due to his Zirali status. He is a playable character who specializes in claw-based attacks.


Dakos is a young adult Fieli with grey skin, dark blue hair, and yellow eyes. He wears a white tunic with yellow trim, covered by a black vest and brown gloves. Dakos’ hair is styled to curl over his left shoulder, though his bangs are parted in the center. He wears three silver earrings in his left ear.

Like other Zirali, Dakos’ skin appears red when in his Feral Form.

During the Day of Reckoning, Dakos briefly wears Zorvus’ hat.


Dakos is caring—if somewhat anxious—and prone to avoid or attempt to de-escalate conflict. Unlike Zorvus, who mastered his Feral Form through the suppression of his emotions overall, Dakos only distances himself from giving into anger. To avoid frightening other Fieli, he is shy to utilize all of the power at his disposal.

Dakos associates his full name with his childhood in Clan Bloodmorse, as many members of the Clan refer to him as “Dakoseriat.” Despite his general discomfort with his full name, Dakos allows Zorvus to use it in addition to his nickname.

Final Weapon

This section contains story spoilers.
Dakos receives the Claws of the Father in the Last Reprieve. These claws were originally forged at the time of Zorvus’ birth, and were intended as a gift for when he was made Lord of Storms.

The claws’ sprite appearance, menu icon, and attack animation are cyan in color.


  • Dakos’ Feral Form was the first Final Skill implemented in the game due to its relative aesthetic complexity.
  • Certain characters on the fourth floor of the Citadel will have different dialogue if Dakos is at the front of the party.
  • One of Dakos’ portraits appears only once in-game. It shows him on the verge of losing control of his Feral Form.