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Deities, sometimes referred to as gods or god-beings, are entities that typically transcend the Storynth and the World Above.

They are sometimes worshipped by humans and Fieli.


Generally, god-beings do not make heavy use of a physical body, simply because they can use magic and monitor the world without one. Without a physical body, a deity’s energy and magic can still be identified by its color and general sensation.

Cerulos’ magic generally presents as blue or green, with certain uses of his light appearing yellow.

Solurec’s magic generally appears yellow or orange, with occasional deviations toward grey or purple.

Kytaariel’s magic is most closely associated with red, though it also heavily utilizes purple.

This section contains story spoilers.
When assuming a physical body, Cerulos and Solurec take on bipedal forms comparable to that of the ancient people from whom the Fieli and humans emerged. They have pointed ears like the Fieli, but lack the modern Fiendish fangs and tail.

When in physical form, Kytaariel’s appearance is largely dictated by the body he possesses at that given time. Despite this, some of his traits remain consistent, including red skin, purple hair, and often—but not always—black sclera.

This section contains post-game spoilers.
After becoming the new guardian of the Storynth, it seems that Zorvus’ magic is predominantly associated with blue. This is reflected in everything from the appearance of the Heart of the Storynth to the description of the Mysterious Shard.

Society and Culture

Prior to Wrytoll’s annexation by the Vostinian Empire, humans in the region were often devotees of Cerulos, even if only for the sake of easily healing wounds and other injuries. In the modern era, worship of Cerulos is only widespread within the Cerulosian Order.

Fieli tend to worship Solurec rather than Cerulos, due to their greater natural compatibility with Solurecian magic. Fieli devotees of Cerulos who are capable of using Cerulosian magic do exist, however, and can use said magic without the need of a Seal.

Magical Constructs

As seen in Pilgrim’s Road, god-beings are capable of creating magical constructs to serve as guardians. The originator of Vanguard and the area’s other constructs is never explicitly stated; due to the state of the constructs, however, it seems likely that they were originally created by Kytaariel.