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Delta is the originator and first leader of the Harbingers, a position he eventually relinquished to his student. His years of inactivity led many Harbingers who knew him—including Antonio—to assume that he’d met his demise.


As seen in Victoria’s dream, Delta was once a weathered-looking human with light skin, green hair, and grey eyes. He wears a grey-purple robe and an eyepatch, the latter of which covers his left eye. His hair has long bangs, and he also wears a medium-length beard.

In his modern appearance, Delta’s hair is white, and his beard is much longer. He also wears a brown cap.

This section contains story spoilers.
During the Day of Reckoning, Delta reveals that he is actually Klaus Westerly. If spoken to on the fourth floor of the Citadel, Klaus will mention that he used to wear prosthetic makeup and a contact lens as Delta, explaining the pair’s difference in facial features and eye color.


Delta is resourceful and skilled, if prone to being somewhat gruff and abrasive in his interactions with others. He prefers strategic planning over spontaneity, but can make split-second decisions if in high-stakes situations. His style of communication is straightforward and efficient, often to the point of seeming curt.


Delta’s voice is somewhat textured and monotone. He tends to utilize short sentences and minor contractions involving present progressive ("-ing") verbs in Low Vostinian. To most listeners, Delta’s speaking voice would not be particularly memorable—simply a Low Vostinian speaker from Wrytoll, if perhaps one with vocal damage from smoking.

This section contains story spoilers.
Klaus’ flowery, highly intellectual speech is common among upper-class Vostinians, including his High Vostinian accent. Despite his age, Klaus’ voice is relatively musical and fluid to the ear. His speaking pitch is slightly higher than Delta’s. Delta’s use of a "Klaus" nameplate indicates that he’s speaking in his true, Vostinian-accented voice; this holds true even if Klaus is currently dressed as Delta. Klaus using Delta’s voice is also indicated in the same way.


  • Delta’s name is most likely his codename within the Harbingers, similar to Antonio’s use of "Azure One" when in communication channels.