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The Devkit is a collection of four objects hidden throughout the Storynth, comprised of the Gear, the Wrench, the Toolbox, and the Key. Collecting any one of the four Devkit pieces will award the “Wait, What?” Achievement; finding all four will award “Artifact Collector.”


If the player gives all four pieces to Cirran in the Trial By Combat, they will exchange the objects for the Aviran Signet Ring.

This section contains post-game spoilers.
If a member of the party has the Aviran Signet Ring equipped when challenging Ewan to a duel, he will recognize the ring, leading to a slightly easier variation of the fight. Ewan’s stats will be lower, and he will use Inquisition one fewer time.


The Seeing in Lykoria can provide hints regarding the general location of each object (i.e. which dungeon to search in), but a more detailed breakdown is as follows:

The Gear

In Whispering Glade
In the second-to-last room of the dungeons, there is a branching path to the east. Take the path, and note the mushroom-like structure on the ground. Standing next to this structure on either side will make Antonio comment on, and pick up, the Gear.

The Wrench

In Exile’s Path
In the second room of the dungeon—the first room in which enemies can be encountered—there is a branching path to the west. After taking it, approach the table at the other end of the room. Lana will then comment on and pick up the Wrench.

The Toolbox

In the Bloodmorse Hunting Grounds
In the second area of the dungeon, there is a branching path to the east. After following it, stand in front of the snowman. Elloria will note and acquire the Toolbox.

The Key

In Thunderfall Canyon
From the entrance of the dungeon, take the southeast exit and continue heading east until you reach a room with a hole in the ground. Stand by this hole to enter a small room containing a grave-marker. Stand on any side of this marker to have Velziran notice and pick up the Key.


Pieces of the Devkit were initially added as a vaguely development-related Easter egg.