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Dusklight (/ˈdʌskˌlaɪt/) is a Darkeye settlement located on the eastern edge of the Storynth’s Gaurelion River. It is the third settlement visited by the party.


Dusklight is a fishing village comprised of both residential and commercial buildings. The Darkeye Clan’s leader, Levtarin, lives in the northeast of town—just west of the settlement’s Temple of Solurec.

The Bloodmorse Hunting Grounds lie to the south of the town, and the Gaurelion River sits to its west.


Special Features

  • Fishing Spot - A fishing minigame located on the docks south of the inn. Catching ten fish will unlock the Angler Achievement.
  • Dusklight’s Nightly Show - If the party elects to stay at the inn, they can pay an additional five coins to attend the inn’s nightly musical performance.
  • Levtarin’s House - Levtarin’s residence. A journal detailing the recent history of the Darkeye Clan can be found in her home’s basement.


In recent times, Dusklight’s status as a prominent trading post has diminished somewhat. Despite this, the residents of the town generally maintain a good quality of life, thanks largely to the town’s relative self-sufficiency.