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Elloria Whitmark (/ˈelɔriə ˈwɪtmɑrk/) is a Paladin of the Cerulosian Order on a pilgrimage to prove herself worthy of joining the Cerulosian Inquisition. She is a playable character who specializes in supportive and protective techniques, though she also has fair offensive potential.


Elloria is a young adult human with pale skin, light cyan hair, and red-brown eyes. Her armor is the typical silver color worn by most Paladins, accented with black metal and a dark green cloak. Elloria’s hair is typically pulled back in a spiky ponytail.

When her Seal is activated, Elloria’s eyes glow bright blue.


Elloria is goal-oriented and disciplined, if somewhat stubborn. She is initially uncompromising on the teachings of the Cerulosian Order—especially in regard to Fiends—which makes her appear somewhat abrasive and uncooperative to other party members. Despite this, Elloria does seem to genuinely value other people, especially as she begins to question her own beliefs.

As revealed during her section in Gaurelion River, Elloria suffers from a medical condition that causes joint instability and chronic pain. While the supportive nature of her armor acts as a brace and its magical Seal counterbalances much of the pain, she states that the condition is lifelong and incurable.

Final Weapon

This section contains story spoilers.
During the party’s mandatory overnight visit to the ruins of Vahskali, Ewan wakes Elloria to give her a gift: Caill’s Flail. The flail was used throughout Ewan’s career as an Inquisitor, though he says he has “no need” for it. (Ewan likely stopped using the weapon due to his history with it.)

The flail’s appearance, menu icon, and attack animation are red in color.


  • The chronic joint condition that Elloria has shares many traits with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, including its genetic component. She inherited it from her father, whose mobility issues are noted in Elloria’s dream.
  • Elloria is the only Vostinian member of the party, and also the only member of the party to both understand and speak High Vostinian.