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Enforcers are artificial humanoids used as soldiers, law enforcement, guards, and special operatives by the Vostinian Empire. They were originally created by Klaus Westerly using an organic blueprint.

Enforcers typically have grey skin, hair, and eyes. They wear black, military-style uniforms adorned with grey, yellow, or red shoulder-accents. All Enforcers have a mask connected to their face; modern Enforcers are manufactured with this component attached. When determining actions based upon the general command they’ve been given, they usually process aloud.

Enforcers have a unique ability to tap into Imperial data stores in almost real-time, granting them access to an individual’s details and allowing their programming to make more informed choices. Despite their advanced design, basic Enforcers can only assess and select tactics within the bounds of their most recently-issued order. In order to perform a new task (e.g. move from defending an area to arresting an individual), they must fully suspend their existing order until the new task has been fulfilled.

Enforcers typically operate within small hive-minds, as one Enforcer (usually Imperial) can share their primary task with basic Enforcer subordinates, making it easier for the rest of the group to swap between tasks.

Imperial Enforcers

Imperial Enforcers are comparable in appearance to standard Enforcers except for their red armor components. They are generally stronger, sturdier, and have a faster processing speed than standard Enforcers. While utilized predominantly as leaders for smaller clusters of Enforcers, they are spread liberally throughout areas of importance to the Empire (such as the Citadel).

This section contains post-game spoilers.
During Emrys’ coronation, a different, heavily-armored variation of Imperial Enforcers can be seen.

Cyan Enforcers

Cyan Enforcers are utilized in a limited capacity due to their cost and relative fragility. They appear similar to standard Enforcers, except that their skin, hair, and armor is cyan in coloration (as their name would suggest). They are deployed by Margherit D’Ayfiel in the Citadel during the Day of Reckoning.

Enforcer M

(For Enforcer M’s non-Enforcer state, see Mateus.)

Enforcer M was the human prototype used for the development of all Enforcers. He was conditioned to serve as an unquestioning and extremely powerful weapon, a feat accomplished through a combination of re-education and cybernetic enhancement. Enforcer M was primarily utilized as a special operative and bodyguard for the Great Council, though Emrys Leoric commonly used him as an assistant during re-education procedures (prior to the development of synthetic Enforcers).

For security and tactical reasons, Enforcer M was conditioned to only follow commands issued in High Vostinian. Like other Enforcers, he possessed the ability to cross-check Imperial records in real-time.

Unlike mechanical Enforcers, Enforcer M was unable to speak from underneath his mask, which seems to have been (at least partially) fused with his jaw. When Klaus began to undo Enforcer M’s conditioning, the Enforcer became aware of the pain from having his jaw locked in place by this “muzzle” for years at a time.

Enforcer M-2

Enforcer M-2 is a synthetic replacement for Enforcer M. Its design mirrors Enforcer M’s appearance, albeit with the grey skin and hair typically associated with Enforcers. M-2 has cybernetic implants in both of its eyes, though they are much more subtle than the single implant installed in its predecessor.

Enforcer M-2 is fought as a boss alongside Margherit on the twelfth floor of the Citadel.