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Evrakal Bloodmorse (/ˈɛvɾɑkɑl ˈblʌdmɔrs/), is the leader of the Alvokirri—the Blood King’s elite guard—and a member of Clan Bloodmorse. She is fought as part of a boss encounter near the western edge of the Bloodmorse Hunting Grounds.


Evrakal is an adult Fieli with grey skin, turquoise hair, and yellow eyes. She wears a set of leather armor and, uniquely for a member of the Alvokirri, a blue-green scarf (rather than the yellow cloaks associated with the organization). Evrakal’s hair is relatively short and spiky in the back. Her bangs are center-parted and fairly comparable to those of her younger brother.


Evrakal is confident and responsible, if somewhat proud. She capably commands the Alvokirri, and though she may not express it often, harbors a great deal of respect for the guards in her command.

Evrakal places a good deal of importance on her fighting skills, and is prone to becoming frustrated when dealing with defeat or loss.

In the Post-Game

Evrakal appears in the underground area of the Trial By Combat tent, even between matches. She also serves as an opponent during the Silver Rank of the Trial.

If spoken to between matches, she will mention that she elected to partake in the Silver Rank rather than the Gold because of wanting to avoid stress, especially as she entered without the Alvokirri.