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Ewan Caill (/ˈjuːən kʰaiʎ/) is the former Master of Arms for the Cerulosian Order and a former member of the Cerulosian Inquisition. During the main events of the game, he is the only remaining resident of Vahskali, operating an inn and shop hybrid that he calls a “Shinn.”


Ewan is an elderly human with pale skin, white hair, and blue eyes. He wears the style of black armor typically associated with Inquisitors, though the armor’s accents and cloak have grown faded over time. The front of his hair is irregularly-cut and longer than the back, which is kept short and spiky.

When his Seal is activated, Ewan’s eyes glow a strange yellow-grey color.


Ewan is generally well-intentioned and resourceful, if somewhat eccentric. He has a tendency to speak in what Elloria describes as “pseudo-poetry,” with many of his sentences ending in rhymes. Because of his history and the nature of his training as an Inquisitor, Ewan is hesitant to engage in combat for fear of severely harming others.

In the World Above, Ewan served as the Cerulosian Order’s Master of Arms, forging weapons and armor of practically unrivaled efficacy. He was also extremely skilled with hunting Fiends, though he would become ashamed of this fact after returning to the Storynth and living alongside the Fieli.

This section contains story spoilers.
In Ewan’s dream, it is revealed that Kytaariel magically manipulated Ewan into killing various inhabitants of Vahskali. At the end of Ewan’s rampage, Kytaariel cracked the Inquisitor’s Seal, stating that Ewan would die if he left the Storynth and that his coherence would wane as the power of his Seal decreased—a result of his “strange, anxious mind.”

In the Post-Game

After the end of the main story, the party will return to Vahskali, only to be greeted by Ewan. Ewan tells them about the Trial By Combat and mentions that he’s placed bets on their victory; if they win, he’ll be able to continue restoring Vahskali.

Vahskali is upgraded once after clearing the Bronze Rank of the Trial By Combat, and again after clearing the Gold Rank. After fully upgrading Vahskali, the party can find Ewan in the Cerusolurecian Temple and challenge him to a duel.

This section contains post-game spoilers.


Ewan can be recruited into the player’s party if certain criteria are met, which are as follows:

  1. Finish the main story.
  2. After returning to the Storynth, use the Waystone to go to Lykoria. Enter the tent in the northeast area of the main map.
  3. Clear the Bronze, Silver, and Gold Ranks of the Trial By Combat.
  4. Return to Vahskali, which has now been fully restored. Enter the Cerusolurecian Temple just to the north of the Waygate marker.
  5. Proceed into the back of the temple and speak to Ewan.
  6. Defeat Ewan.

As a playable character, Ewan utilizes the same skills as when the player duels with him. Uniquely, all but one of his skills use HP instead of MP as the source of their power.

Final Weapon

Ewan is already in possession of the Unfinished Chain upon joining the party, and uses it when sparring with the party in the Cerusolurecian Temple.

The chain’s appearance, menu icon, and attack animation are associated with pink, though only the end of the chain bears this color.


  • Ewan was initially planned as a boss who would attack the party in the middle of the night at the Shinn. This was scrapped because it seemed unfitting given his personality.
  • Ewan’s complete surname, “an Caillteanach,” was taken from a 1984 issue of a Gaelic magazine, where it was used as a nickname to mean “the lost one.”
  • Ewan is the only voiced character in the game; he sings the Hymn of the Gods in the Cerusolurecian Temple. When singing in English, the rhoticity of his “r” sounds is slightly irregular.