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Exile's Path is a dungeon located in the Storynth. It is not officially aligned with a specific Clan of Fieli. Exile's Path is the second dungeon in the Storynth, and the first dungeon in which Dakos is playable. It is also the location in which the party discovers a mysterious shard.


Exile's Path is comprised of rocky, barren cliffs. Because the terrain is uneven and unsuited for agriculture, it remains unaffiliated with any particular Clan. This neutrality makes it popular with Fieli bandits, who hope to profit off of travelers without risk of prosecution.

A mining camp exists on the western edge of the area, populated predominantly by displaced Chillwhisper Fieli. Zorvus Stormhowl lives very close to this area.

Boss Encounter

Kohalia and two of her cohort, Maleren and Morakaal, serve as the dungeon’s boss battle after attempting to enforce a 9,999-coin toll before allowing the party to pass through their camp.

After the trio's defeat, Kelarisat—Kohalia's mother—will appear alongside Zorvus and question what her mining crew has been doing. The party is then granted free access to the pass, allowing them to reach Zorvus' residence.


  • Exile's Path was the first dungeon worked on during the development of Storynth, but not the first completed.
  • One of the four strange objects can be found here.