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All Fieli within the Storynth are denoted as a member of one of the five Clans, the name of which serves as their title. An individual's title is determined at the time of their birth, and remains intact even in cases of exile or the Clan's dispersion.

In the event that a child is born to two parents of differing Clans, they are permitted to use either Clan name as their title.

Clan Swiftblade

The Swiftblade Clan is native to the northernmost portion of the Storynth, closest to the Final Gate. By the events of the story, the Clan's population has dwindled to include only the population of Merkalet and the land immediately surrounding the village. While the Swiftblade Fieli have no official leader, Colkeris acts as the village elder of Merkalet.

Clan Swiftblade's territory encompasses the area north of Merkalet and the Whispering Glade to the settlement's south. Lykoria serves as the marker for the end of the Swiftblade Clan's territory.

Clan Chillwhisper

The Chillwhisper Clan is a now-dispersed group of Fieli who once lived in the northwest of the Storynth. Their capital city was built upon a massive reserve of mana—called the Well of Silence—and housed the greatest store of knowledge in the whole of Fiendish society. An explosion within the Well caused irreparable damage to the Chillwhisper population, destroying their city, their library, and leaving harmful magical energy spread through much of the Clan's former territory.

Small collections of Chillwhisper Fieli still exist, however, including a group of miners living and working in Exile's Path.

Clan Darkeye

Historically, the Darkeye Clan's territory ran the length of the Gaurelion River, with various trading posts and small settlements established for both fisher-folk and ordinary travelers as they navigated the river. The tumultuous nature of the river and corruption of its guardian latgeika continually made traversal of the Gaurelion more difficult, leading to many Darkeye Fieli moving elsewhere.

The largest concentration of Darkeye Fieli can be found in Dusklight. The Clan is led by Levtarin; despite her ancestral ties to leadership of Clan Darkeye, she considers herself the Clan's "de facto" leader.

Clan Bloodmorse

By the events of Storynth, the Bloodmorse Clan holds the distinction of being the only Clan to retain control of their ancestral stronghold (due to the loss of both the Well of Silence and Vahskali). They are native to the lands south of Gaurelion River, and their capital is surrounded by a region classified as the Bloodmorse Hunting Grounds. The Bloodmorse Clan's territory is now engulfed in endless winter.

While Bloodmorse Fieli can be found throughout the Storynth, they are most prevalent in the Bloodfort. Their leader, Hrekoseriat, dwells within the Hall of the Blood King.

Clan Stormhowl

The Stormhowl Clan was native to the southernmost portion of the Storynth, closest to the fortress' lowest layers. Prior to their dispersion, they were led by the Lord of Storms, whose stronghold was based on the outskirts of Vahskali. Their territory encompassed all of Thunderfall Canyon, which functioned similarly to Clan Bloodmorse's Hunting Grounds.

The majority of Stormhowl Fieli met their demise during the destruction of Vahskali. The surviving members of the Clan are spread throughout the Storynth.

The Bloodmorse and Stormhowl Clans had a strong history of both cooperation and conflict due to their proximity, though the last descendants of each Clan's noble family had a respectful and ultimately collaborative relationship.