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Gariok (/ˈgæriɒk/ or /ˈgɑːɾiɒk/)—also known as the Knife Enthusiast—is a special “enemy” encountered in the Bloodmorse Hunting Grounds. After the events of the main story, he returns to his special tent in Lykoria. He owns multiple copies of his favorite weapon.


Gariok is an adult Fieli possessing blue skin, black hair, and red eyes. In his initial appearance, he wears a brown tunic topped with a purple cloak. His bangs obscure most of his face, though blue, painted markings can be seen under his eyes.

In the post-game, Gariok wears a white tunic with purple trim, comparable in design to the tunic worn by Dakoseriat Bloodmorse. His bangs are held back with a purple headband, exposing a relatively new scar on his cheek. His eyes lack the markings seen in his first appearance.


Gariok’s most immediately apparent characteristic is his intense passion for his work, especially where selling knives is concerned. This intensity can lead to misunderstandings with humans and even other Fieli, which sometimes get Gariok into trouble. Gariok seems to be aware of his tendency toward intensity, apologizing to the party if he seemed “overzealous” about the knives he was trying to sell during their first encounter.

In the Post-Game

Gariok owns and operates the Trial By Combat, having sold his wares across the Storynth in order to fund the competition’s conversion into a permanent fixture in Lykoria. He serves as the announcer for every Rank of the Trial, and also appears as a combatant.


  • Gariok’s facial scar is a result of a knife juggling accident (likely the incident seen by the party should they obtain his knife before the post-game).
  • Gariok seems visibly uncomfortable during the Trial of the God and Trial of the Goddess. Whether this is a result of announcing to a nonexistent audience or a result of his proximity to the god-beings involved is unclear.