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Gaurelion River is a dungeon located in the Darkeye Territory of the Storynth. Gaurelion River is the third dungeon in the Storynth, and is unique due to its character-specific routes and overall scarcity of combat encounters.


Gaurelion River is a long, relatively thin stretch of water surrounded by blue, rocky cliffs. It is relatively temperate, with most of the riverbank being fairly grassy.


After the party is thrown from their raft by the latgeika, the player is presented with three paths to follow through the river. The order in which these routes are completed is irrelevant, but completing all three is required to continue progressing through the dungeon.

Dakos and Elloria’s Path

This section contains story spoilers.
Dakos and Elloria find themselves thrown to an extension of the Gaurelion riverbed, surrounded by comparable terrain to previous areas of the dungeon. En route to the group’s eventual meetup spot, they pass through one of the Waterpaths, a magical passageway designed to simplify navigation through disjointed areas of the Gaurelion. Elloria eventually apologizes to Dakos for her treatment of him throughout their journey, but especially for her interaction with him at the beginning of their route.

Lana and Velziran’s Path

This section contains story spoilers.
Velziran and Lana awaken to find themselves in an almost swampy area of the river. After Lana recovers her father’s longsword, she gains the ability to use the weapon at will. In the final part of the pair’s route, Velziran freezes a stretch of water to serve as a bridge. This action, and the exhaustion that follows it, leads Velziran to explain the nature and cause of her sealed mana.

Antonio’s Path

This section contains story spoilers.
Antonio and the group’s raft drift off to a small forest. After seeming to fall asleep against a tree, Antonio is haunted by a vision of his brother, Eduardo. Once Antonio defeats the specter, he is confronted by a similar representation of his ex-wife, who also engages him in combat. Finally, Antonio encounters a vision of his daughter. The duo briefly converse, but when Antonio attempts to touch her, she disappears.

Boss Encounter

Once the party has been reunited, Elloria will ask Dakos about the creature that threw their raft off-course. Dakos explains that the creature is a water spirit called a latgeika, and remarks that they aren’t generally aggressive...or pink. The group resolved to check on the latgeika to make sure it isn’t hurt.

Upon entering the latgeika’s den and approaching the creature, it will roar in pain and attack the group.

After the battle, Elloria empowers her healing abilities with her Seal, restoring the latgeika to normal. If interacted with after this scene, the appreciative spirit will give the group a Cyan Latgeika Plume.