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The Great Council is a ruling body established by Augustin Devalt to oversee the Vostinian Empire. It is comprised of five members, each of whom represents a given region of the Empire. While all members of the Council hold a great deal of political power individually, they are all still subordinates of the Emperor.


The Great Council was originally created to counter claims that the Emperor possessed too much power over the Empire as a whole.

The modern Great Council primarily manages logistics and legal issues for each region of the Empire. A region’s representative has a certain degree of influence over their territory, though conformity to Imperial laws and practices limits their flexibility.

After multiple instances of the Storynth’s Final Gate being opened for reasons other than official maintenance or the start of a Paladin’s pilgrimage, the Emperor made the executive decision to restrict privileges related to the Gate. As a result, only members of the Council can freely open the Gate, though Morgan Aviras can temporarily regain the ability to use the barrier if granted prior permission.


Augustin Devalt

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Emperor Augustin Devalt represents Vostinia on the Great Council. He is ruthless, intelligent, and strategic in most of his actions. He is Klaus' lifelong friend.

Klaus Westerly

Klaus Westerly (/klaʊs ˈwɛstərli/) is the Great Council’s Imeldunni representative and the Empire’s High Researcher. He is responsible for many of the Empire’s technological wonders, including its Enforcers.

Klaus is slightly younger than Devalt, though he appears much older because of refusing to continue Infusion. His rapid aging has caused a complete loss of pigmentation in his hair and beard, in addition to further loss of visual acuity and the development of minor mobility issues.

As revealed in both Victoria’s dream and a comment made by Devalt in the Citadel, Klaus was the driving force behind Victoria’s addition to the Council.

Margherit D’Ayfiel

Margherit D’Ayfiel (/mar.ɡe.ˈriː.t deɪːˈfjɛl/) serves as the Great Council’s Ayfielian representative. She is the last Princess of Ayfiel, as the Ayfielian royal family was essentially deposed at the time of the region’s annexation and assimilation into Vostinian culture.

Margherit is a powerful spellcaster who is fiercely loyal to Devalt. Like Klaus, her aged appearance is a byproduct of stopping Infusion—though, unlike Klaus, her interruption in treatment was temporary and involuntary (due to Wrytoll’s leylines being depleted).

She appears alongside Enforcer M-2 as a boss on the twelfth floor of the Citadel.

Emrys Leoric

Emrys Leoric (/ˈɛmrɪs li'ɔrɪk/) is the Great Council’s Ceretini representative and the heir apparent to the region’s most prominent magical family, House Leoric. As a child, Emrys was given to the Emperor by his mother—House Leoric’s Matriarch—in exchange for their family retaining a certain degree of power and renown in Ceretin.

Like with Fyreldin, House Leoric bred Emrys for a specific purpose; but where the former was a demonstration of peace, the latter was a Mage designed for war. While Emrys is a capable magic-user, his most distinctive trait is his natural persuasiveness. He can control the actions of most non-magical humans simply by uttering a command, allowing him to turn allies against each other with ease.

This section contains post-game spoilers.
As revealed after completing the Trial By Combat’s Silver Rank, Emrys has succeeded Devalt as the Emperor of the Vostinian Empire. His first action after his ascension was to kill the priest who coronated him—a demonstration of his intended plans for dissenters.

Victoria Libratus

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Victoria Libratus is the youngest member of the Great Council, acting as the group’s Wrytollian representative. She is pragmatic, optimistic, and seemingly very straightforward. This last trait is not always reflective of her true intentions, however, since she also serves as leader of the Harbingers.


  • Emrys’ name comes from Emrys Wledig/Ambrosius Aurelianus, a military leader who eventually inspired the character of Merlin.
  • Early in development, it was planned for Margherit to experience unrequited love toward Devalt, though this concept was never implemented.