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The Hall of Dreams is a special building located in Lykoria. By approaching the altar in the Hall, a person can view important memories of those close to them.

Mechanically, the Hall of Dreams allows players to view flashback sequences related to party members or important lore figures. There are ten dreams in total, eight of which unlock as a result of story progression.

The Dreamer Achievement is unlocked after viewing ten memories in the Hall. While possible to unlock as soon as the Hall becomes accessible, it is recommended to wait until all dreams have been unlocked (i.e. the post-game) to fully complete the milestone.


The Hall of Dreams is a light stone building located in Lykoria, to the southwest of its library. The inside of the building features a pool of water, at the center of which is a stone altar. Approaching this altar will allow for the selection of an unlocked dream.


The following is a basic breakdown of all dreams accessible in the Hall. These may contain story spoilers.

Elloria’s Dream

Elloria’s dream focuses around the arrest of her parents by an official named Xander, accompanied by various Enforcers—including Enforcer M. Her father’s mobility issues are also explicitly mentioned. The dream ends with both of Elloria’s parents being led away by the Enforcers.

Dakoseriat’s Dream

Dakos’ dream is a memory of combat training in his childhood. During a sparring session with Zorvus, Dakos trips and collapses in the training area. When Zorvus goes to check on him, Dakos’ Feral Form involuntarily activates, and he manages to deeply scratch his mentor’s face. In surprise and anger, Zorvus’ Feral Form activates, though he merely proceeds to return Dakos to his normal state. Dakos is upset after seeing his mentor’s wound, and the dream ends with Dakos stating that he never wants to hurt Zorvus again.

Velziran’s Dream

Velziran’s dream details the end of her forbidden studies of the Storynth and the Fieli. After magically restoring a heavily damaged book regarding the structure of the Storynth, Fyreldin and the Atriarch of House Salome confront the source of the “temporal disturbances” in the House’s library. The Atriarch is surprised that a then-eighteen-year-old Velziran was capable of restoring the forbidden volumes related to the Storynth, but remarks that the Empire’s discovery of any of those books could lead to the destruction of House Salome. As a result, they order Fyreldin to burn all volumes related to the Storynth and tell Velziran to return to her room until summoned.

Lana’s Dream

Lana’s dream shows her return to her childhood home. At the beginning of the dream, she has a brief recollection of her father calling her inside for lunch. Once Lana enters the house, she takes in the damage and degradation sustained by the building during its years of being unoccupied. She then wanders to Cyrus’ bedroom and approaches the pedestal that used to hold his longsword. She says that she attempted to access his military records, but was barred from doing so because the duo weren’t recognized as a parent-child unit. She becomes somewhat frustrated with both her lack of access and missing memories before noting that, if Cyrus is dead—something she doubts—she’s sorry that he has to see her in that state.

Antonio’s Dream

Antonio’s dream features the fall of Leónra; more specifically, the moment in which Isabela was abducted and taken into the Storynth. Even while Leónra is being attacked by Feral Fiends, the Vostinian guards refuse to let the town’s civilians out of the settlement or intervene to help stop the attack. Marisol leaves her and Antonio’s house to help a wounded neighbor, at which point Isabela emerges into the burning town. She is approached by an aggressive Fiend before a blue-skinned Fieli intervenes. In a language that no one present understands, the Fiend states that they were captured forced to the town by the "Humoni in black", but that the Storynth will be safe for both of them. The Fiend escapes with Isabela, much to the horror of Antonio and Marisol.

Zorvus’ Dream

Zorvus’ dream takes place within his house. After cleaning his dish after a meal, Zorvus asks Dakos if he intends to do the same; when he receives no response, Zorvus approaches Dakos’ room. Upon entering, he finds Dakos asleep in bed, and muses that he now understands why there was no answer. He leaves Dakos to sleep and, just before the dream ends, wishes him a good night.

Hrekoseriat’s Dream

Hrekoseriat’s dream takes place in his youth, during a meeting with Zalvariax Stormhowl, the then-Lord of Storms. Kaltaris enters Hrekoseriat’s room to announce that a messenger has arrived with urgent news from Lykoria; when Hrekoseriat asks Kaltaris to send them in, this messenger is revealed to be a young Zorvus Stormhowl. Zalvariax is disgusted and angry upon seeing the Zirali and attempts to send him out of the Hall of the Blood King, though she is stopped by Hrekoseriat. Zorvus announces that the Chillwhisper Clan’s capital has been lost due to the implosion of the Well of Silence. Zalvariax refuses to believe her former son, to which Zorvus responds that it doesn’t matter if she believes him—what he’s spoken is the truth. He leaves, commenting that he wishes he were the monster that she believes him to be. Despite Zalvariax’s suspicions, Hrekoseriat believes Zorvus, and asks Kaltaris to help him prepare for departure to the Chillwhisper Clan’s territory.

Ewan’s Dream

Ewan’s dream takes place immediately after the volcanic eruption that destroyed most of of Vahskali. He awakens to find a malevolent entity possessing the body of a Fieli named Rakorin. Kytaariel states that he cracked Ewan’s Seal in a manner such that, should the Inquisitor leave the Storynth, it will shatter and kill him. Kytaariel notes that the effects of Ewan’s Seal will also diminish over time, leading to him being more affected by his “strange, anxious mind” and (allegedly) less likely to be believed by others. Ewan asks where the other residents of Vahskali are, to which Kytaariel remarks that he manipulated Ewan with magic, forcing him to kill innocents with his flail. Kytaariel then leaves and destroys Rakorin’s body. Ewan is left collapsed on the ground, desperately hoping that anyone from Vahskali survived its destruction.

Victoria’s Dream

Victoria’s dream takes place in her youth, and is comprised of two different scenes. The first takes place in Delta’s room in Harbinger headquarters. Delta seals the soundproof doors to his room and says that he has extremely sensitive intel for Victoria. He asks her to read his letter and not turn back around until he indicates. Evidently, this letter indicates that the Emperor was and will continue to be misusing Delta’s technology, and that Delta’s resistance to this means that he needs to disappear and pass on leadership of the Harbingers to Victoria. When Victoria turns around, she finds herself face-to-face with Klaus Westerly. Furious and hurt, she asks if everything Delta ever communicated and did within the Harbingers was a lie; he says no, though the combination of Delta’s voice with Klaus’ face just serves to further bewilder her. Klaus drops Delta’s vocal traits and asks Victoria if she would hear another proposal of his.

Victoria’s dream then cuts to some time in the near future, just after she was appointed to the Great Council. After congratulating her, Klaus is approached by Emrys Leoric and Enforcer M, the former of whom is annoyed by the latter’s decrease in productivity and stamina. Klaus remarks that this effect is an expected part of rolling back Enforcer M’s conditioning, and that he isn’t a machine. After Emrys leaves, Enforcer M steps forward and vocalizes. Klaus assures him that his "muzzle" will be removed relatively soon, before ordering him to return to the ninth floor in High Vostinian.

Klaus’ Dream

Klaus’ dream features a conversation with Augustin Devalt during the pair’s youth in Vostinia as leaders of a rebellion against Imeldun. Klaus finds Augustin standing on a cliff whilst deep in thought; Klaus checks in about his well-being. Augustin tells Klaus that he doesn’t want others to suffer as the Vostinian people have suffered, or grow up in the unsafe conditions that they experienced. As a result, he has formulated a grand plan: to unite the whole of the world under a single banner and one cultural system to prevent further conflict and war. He admits that his goal would require a certain amount of conflict to accomplish, and could result in a tremendous loss of life—but he still believes it to be worthwhile. He asks Klaus if he is “as mad as the Imeldunni propagandists” say, which Klaus denies. The dream ends with Klaus affirming his unwavering support for Devalt.