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The Harbingers are a human rebel group working toward the liberation of Wrytoll, a goal which places them in direct conflict with the Vostinian Empire. By and large, the Harbingers operate in the shadows of Wrytollian society, with their members traveling underground—often through the sewer system—to avoid detection. Victoria Libratus serves as their leader.


The Harbingers were originally founded by Delta, a fairly mysterious, technologically-adept man, to combat the "growing tyranny" he saw in the Empire (particularly Emperor Devalt). Delta passed leadership of the organization on to Victoria Libratus around the time that she was inducted into the Great Council, after which point he vanished.


Members of the Harbingers are most often young to middle-aged Wrytollian adults. While the group has no mandated style of dress, brown, grey, or black clothing seems to be popular. Although members of House Salome and the Cerulosian Order may not work with the Harbingers on a regular basis, there is an understanding among various Mages and Paladins that both of their organizations will be called to aid the Harbingers’ cause when it matters most.


(Main article: Victoria Libratus)

Victoria is the leader of the Harbingers, responsible for making all major decisions regarding the gathering and use of intelligence, execution of various operations, and general practices through which to hamper the Empire’s efficacy. Despite her relative power within the organization, Victoria prefers to set major decisions to a vote, allowing other members to contribute their thoughts and perspectives.


Antonio de Leónra serves as an officer within the Harbingers, having first joined the organization when it was still led by Delta. His codename in Harbinger communication channels is Azure One.


Kyrie is a long-standing member of the Harbingers and a Paladin of Cerulos. She serves as an officer within the organization, and was placed in charge of the second attack team during the Day of Reckoning.


By day, Lucia serves as the logistics coordinator for the Great Council—especially for matters concerning Victoria. By night, however, she is an invaluable source of organization, analysis, and task management within the Harbingers.


Johann is often stationed as a guard or placed in charge of defending the Harbinger base of operations, largely due to his magical abilities and general cool-headedness.

During the Day of Reckoning, speaking to Johann outside the Citadel will lead him to mention his genetic ties to House Leoric.


Dylan works primarily as the Harbingers’ technology supervisor, with his expertise focused primarily around intelligence acquisition and maintaining the organization’s digital security. Despite his lack of experience with military technology as used in weapons, he is familiar with the setup and operation of signal jammers designed to disorient and slow Enforcers.