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House Salome is the last surviving magical family native to Wrytoll. Historically, House Salome was the most prominent family of Mages in the region.


During the Imperial conquest of Wrytoll, House Salome was permitted to retain a certain percentage of their pre-Imperial texts. In exchange, they provided the Empire with further information regarding the nature and functional execution of magical warfare.

Despite House Salome’s reported destruction of their unapproved pre-Imperial material, it seems that their library retains at least some of these records and tomes.


House Salome’s Mages are devoted to the academic study of magic, often choosing to prioritize the acquisition of knowledge, and the deepening of one’s understanding of magic, over the practical application of magical techniques. Despite this, however, most members of House Salome are very competent spellcasters—if not within all elemental disciplines, then certainly within the discipline most suited to their mana.

Access to the House’s pre-Imperial texts is highly restricted, especially in regard to tomes and records that were damaged according to Imperial decree. Violation of these access protocols is taken very seriously due to the potential for retaliation from the Empire.



Main article: Velziran Salome

Velziran Salome is a young adult capable of using multiple elemental forms of magic. Like her mother, Velziran’s strongest magical element is fire.

Following her breach of House Salome’s magical code regarding the use of temporal magic, the majority of Velziran’s mana was sealed by the Atriarch. However, because of her access to forbidden knowledge regarding the Storynth and the Fieli, Velziran was given a chance at redemption through overseeing the pilgrimage of a Paladin to the Tomb of Cerulos.


Main article: Fyreldin Salome

Fyreldin Salome was conceived as a means of brokering true peace between House Salome and House Leoric, rather than the uneasy tolerance that had existed since the Vostinian annexation of Wrytoll. Although Fyreldin’s birth resolved much of the political tension between both Houses, the combined magical potency of House Leoric’s Matriarch and House Salome’s Patriarch caused Fyreldin’s mana to destabilize at a fundamental level. While her magic is exceptionally powerful, Fyreldin is easily fatigued from spellcasting.


The Atriarch of House Salome serves as the House’s leader and de facto representative in a political capacity. While the full extent of their power is unknown, it is worth recognizing that the Atriarch could place (and eventually remove) long-term binding seals on Velziran’s mana without the assistance of other Mages.

The Atriarch is a middle-aged human with medium brown skin, grey-white hair, and purple eyes. In addition to the standard blue robes associated with House Salome, the Atriarch also wears a pair of yellow glasses.