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Hrekoseriat Bloodmorse (/r̥ɛkoʊsˈɛːɾiɑt ˈblʌdmɔrs/) is the last Blood King of Clan Bloodmorse, and the last member of Fiendish nobility to serve as active leader of their Clan.


Hrekoseriat is an elderly Fieli with blue skin, light violet hair, and yellow eyes. During the events of the main story, his armor is comprised primarily of a black, leather breastplate that includes a metal gorget. He wears a yellow cloak—not dissimilar to the cloaks worn by the his elite guard, the Alvokirri—and a yellow eyepatch that covers his left eye. His eyes are surrounded by dark blue markings; these seem to be naturally-occurring.

Like other Zirali, Hrekoseriat’s skin appears red when in his Feral Form. The markings around his eyes also change color in this state.


Hrekoseriat is pragmatic, fairly serious, and protective of his people. While he may initially come off as cold, his harsh exterior belies a great deal of concern for the safety of Clan Bloodmorse and a certain sentimentality about the world. As implied by one of his members of staff, Hrekoseriat seems bothered by the physical state of the Bloodfort.

More information about Hrekoseriat’s background—including his distinction as the only known case of an adult successfully becoming a Zirali—can be found in his journal.

In the Post-Game

From the credits sequence onward, Hrekoseriat’s appearance changes; he now wears his hair in a ponytail, and dons golden armor.

Hrekoseriat appears in the Gold Rank of the Trial By Combat. He begins the duel with his Feral Form active.