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Humans, known as Humoni (/huˈmoʊni/) in Sraharl, are a race of humanoids commonly found in the World Above. By the events of Storynth, the number of humans in the entirety of the world outnumber the population of Fieli in the Storynth by ~2000:1.

Humans vary in skin tone, eye and hair color, and facial features depending on their genetic background. Cultural and linguistic diversity is less common on the Vostinian continent due to the Vostinian Empire’s attempt at assimilating all of its territories into one homogenous culture. However, due to a loophole in Vostinian cultural unification practices related to the training of magical combatants, a territory’s religious or spiritual practices may be permitted to continue—as is the case with Wrytoll’s Cerulosian Order.

While all humans possess mana, those capable of using magic without assistive methods are rare; as such, the species is considered “semi-magical.” Spellcasters are often born into magical Houses with a strong genetic tendency toward magical ability.


Humans are bipedal and generally stand between 5’ and 6’4” in height. Their skin can be dark or light, as can their hair color. Human eyes tend to be green, blue, brown, or hazel, though some humans (especially Mages) are born with purple eyes. Humans have rounded ears, relatively blunt nails, and lack the prominent fangs and tails observed in Fieli.

Generally, natural human lifespans range between 80 to 150 years, though only magic-users typically exceed an age of 110. Humans are considered adults around the age of 18. As humans age, their hair loses pigment and their skin decreases in thickness and elasticity. Most humans experience a decrease in visual acuity around middle age. Through the use of certain techniques, humans can artificially extend their lifespan—though these practices are kept secret from the public.

This section contains story spoilers.
In the ancient past, humans and Fieli were a singular people. These people had pointed ears and could have vibrantly colored hair, making them appear somewhat similar to modern Fieli. However, they lacked tails and possessed a range of skin tones closer to that of modern humans.

Society and Culture

Humans on the Vostinian continent are considered citizens of the Vostinian Empire, and are expected to follow Imperial practices and protocols. Linguistic compliance is taken especially seriously, with information regarding languages outside of Low and High Vostinian being explicitly banned.

Humans whose families hail directly from Vostinia may feel a certain degree of pride about their heritage, which often results in their children learning High Vostinian as a first language. Depending on an individual’s circumstances, this may lead to them having a particular accent when speaking in Low Vostinian.

In Wrytoll, citizens are permitted to follow the customs of the Cerulosian faith, though doing so has become uncommon outside of the Cerulosian Order. Despite this, humans in Wrytoll have been observed to use Cerulos’ name in casual contexts, even if they themselves are not observant of the religion.