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Kytaariel is an ancient god-being whose essence is bound in the Heart of the Storynth. He serves as a primary source of magical support for the Storynth.


Record of Kytaariel is exceptionally rare within Fiendish society, though Zorvus Stormhowl did manage to track down information regarding the god-being’s history within Lykoria’s crystalline records. By his own admission, however, it is not entirely clear how much of this information is based in reality rather than myth.

This section contains story spoilers.
In the ancient past, the Humoni and Fieli were once a singular people, with Kytaariel serving as their sole deity. After the population fell into conflict, Kytaariel allied with the group that would eventually become the Fieli, but part of his essence splintered in rebellion and love for both factions. These “splinters” became the god-beings Cerulos and Solurec. After a century of warfare, the Humoni successfully slew Kytaariel’s physical form and constructed a massive fortress to serve as a means of containing Kytaariel’s energy and imprisoning the Fieli. Kytaariel’s corpse was placed at its Heart, and the Final Gate was sealed from both sides to ensure that the god’s power remained locked within.


Like other god-beings, Kytaariel typically remains somewhat intangible. Unlike his “children,” Kytaariel’s energy is concentrated around a singular point: a red crystal steeped in his energy, binding him inexorably to the Heart of the Storynth.

Due to the continual depletion of Kytaariel’s mana to maintain the Storynth, the deity is seemingly unable (or simply very unwilling) to create and occupy an avatar, preferring instead to possess others. As a result, his appearance varies based upon his current vessel, though his hair, skin, and eye color remain consistent.


Kytaariel is intelligent and strategically savvy, though centuries of imprisonment have made him cruel and manipulative. He longs to seek revenge against humanity and the World Above, blaming modern humans for the actions of their forebears. While his concerns about his continual loss of energy and waning ability to continue maintaining the Storynth are in some ways legitimate, his presentation of this information to the party was done primarily as a means to draw them toward him.

If Kytaariel was ever a true guardian of the Storynth and the Fieli, his desire to protect his people seems to have faded—exemplified in his willingness to allow the continued existence and spread of the Ferali.


Typically, Kytaariel can only possess Fieli vessels, as humans lack the requisite mana to support Kytaariel’s energetic needs. Typically, possession by Kytaariel will result in the death of the host’s body upon the deity’s exit.

This section contains story spoilers.
  • Rakorin Stormhowl: During the destruction of Vahskali, Kytaariel occupied Rakorin’s body to personally oversee the fall of the settlement and manipulation of one of its inhabitants. Kytaariel’s appearance in this form included his characteristic red skin, purple hair, and yellow eyes (with grey sclera).
  • Zorvus Stormhowl: Kytaariel claims Zorvus as his vessel after the party reaches the Heart of the Storynth. Kytaariel possesses red skin, purple hair, and yellow eyes in this form. His sclera are greyish in color, and he wears Zorvus’ hair without a ponytail.
  • Augustin Devalt: Devalt’s continual use of Infusion allowed Kytaariel to circumvent his usual inability to successfully possess human bodies, as the procedures increased the amount of mana in Devalt’s body considerably. Although Devalt’s skin, hair, and iris color change in accordance with Kytaariel’s typical appearance, his sclera remain white.

Boss Battle

Kytaariel is fought as the boss encounter of the Lost Sanctum. He is immune to certain status effects, and will use The End—a skill that instantly KO’s a single party member—three times during the fight.


The second and final fight against Kytaariel takes place on the top floor of the Citadel, immediately following the battle with Devalt. Kytaariel will only use The End twice in this fight, though he has access to a new offensive spell—Wrath of the Founder-God—during this encounter. Like the first encounter, he is immune to certain status effects.