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Lana Dorian (/ˈlɑnə ˈdɔriən/) is a Berserker who initially enters the Storynth in a bid to fund her escape from the Vostinian Empire. She is a playable character who predominantly uses sword-based attacks.


Lana is an adult human with light skin, red hair, and green eyes. She wears brown armor with silver accents, including a spaulder on her left shoulder. She is always seen wearing a red scarf. Lana has short, wavy hair and somewhat irregular bangs. She has a scar on her left temple.


Lana is moderately hotheaded and fiercely protective of those she cares for. She is unafraid to use violence if threatened, but dislikes making others worry about her well-being. Generally, she tends to avoid emotional vulnerability.

During her tenure as a pit fighter, Lana sustained a head injury that impacts her ability to recall memories—most prominently those from her early life. Her ability to form new memories remained relatively intact, however, leading her to further pursue her interest in technology and eventually develop a plan to leave Wrytoll.

Final Weapon

This section contains story spoilers.
Lana takes her father’s longsword into the Storynth at the beginning of the game. It remains in its sheath until Lana and Velziran are separated from the rest of the group in Gaurelion River, after which point Lana can use the Ceremonial Longsword as a weapon.
The sword’s appearance, menu icon color, and attack animation range from light to medium green.


  • Lana has a mild fear of heights.
  • If the player selects the Sealed Sheath in their inventory, Lana will state that it’s Cyrus’ longsword before commenting, “Hey, dad.”
  • Like Cirran, Lana’s legal title is the gender neutral, Low Vostinian “Citizen” rather than a High Vostinian honorific.