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Lykoria (/laɪˈkɔːriə/) is the largest surviving settlement located within the Storynth. It is the second Fieli settlement visited by the party, and is not affiliated with any singular Clan.


Lykoria is regarded as the largest city in the Storynth, acting as something of a central hub for those living in the fortress. Its walls are grand and sturdy; while Lykoria does not employ guards in the modern era, the city’s defenses seem to accommodate them.

Lykoria is a stopping point between two dungeons, with Whispering Glade to the north and Exile's Path to the south.


Special Locations

Specialty Market

Lykoria’s specialty market is home to three unique vendors, a non-vendor special NPC, and the tent that eventually becomes accessible as the Trial By Combat.

Cid is a vendor of “clockwork contraptions,” selling accessories not found anywhere else in the Storynth. He is Zeke’s uncle, and apparently enjoys black coffee.

Zeke is a food vendor who describes his meals’ effects as being like a better-tasting potion. Zeke’s food restores health and bolsters the target’s stats when used.

PLACEHOLDER (check name) sells firewater out of her stall—the Winter’s Folly. It takes its name from her family’s previous business, which was destroyed around the time of the Chillwhisper Clan’s dispersion. One of her products, the incredibly potent Fool’s Firewater, is unique to this location.

The Seeing appears to be a young Fieli with the gift of prophecy. Speaking to the Seeing and asking them to “Tell [you] a rumor” will result in various responses, ranging from lore details to gameplay tips.

Trial By Combat

Main article: Trial By Combat

The Trial By Combat is a sparring competition accessible after completing the main story. The Trial is based out of a tent located in the center of Lykoria’s specialty market. If the player enters the tent during the events of the main story, the tent will be empty aside from a message written by the owner.

Hall of Dreams

Main article: Hall of Dreams

The Hall of Dreams is a building located to the southwest of Lykoria’s library. The altar within the Hall allows its user to view the memories (“dreams”) of those close to them.

The player is only granted immediate access to two of the ten available dreams; the rest are steadily unlocked as the story progresses.


Lykoria’s library is run by Master Scholar Talrendis, who is fiercely protective of its contents. The library is the last of its kind, and contains as many Fieli historical and cultural records as could still be located within the Storynth. The library possesses a Waygate marker, though Talrendis has redirected its energy to outside the library to minimize noise.

There are two crystals at the northernmost point of the library designed to preserve information for Fieli noble families. This duo is the only remaining set in the Storynth, and technically belong to the Blood King. The amount of mana required to establish and maintain connection to the records is enough to kill most ordinary Fieli and humans.

Priesthood of Solurec

The Priesthood of Solurec is headquartered on the eastern edge of Lykoria. Within the structure, the party can see various Priests training, preparing offerings to Solurec, or simply relaxing.


When all five Fieli Clans still dwelled in their respective regions, Lykoria was regarded as something of a central hub; a neutral space in which members of all Clans could work, trade, and live together.