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Mateus (/mɑˈteɪːus/), formerly Enforcer M, is a human weapon employed as a bodyguard and special operative for the Great Council. He was previously used as the “human blueprint” for all Enforcers during the technology’s development.

He is fought as a boss-style encounter in the Citadel.


Mateus appears to be a middle-aged human with light skin, grey hair, and grey eyes. He wears the black uniform most commonly associated with members of the Vostinian military, though his uniform’s accents are red instead of gold. Mateus’ hair is relatively disheveled, especially in regard to his bangs. His left eye is covered by a black eyepatch, and his left cheek bears a faded scar.


When left to his own devices, Mateus is straightforward and soft-spoken. Despite his somewhat dour appearance, he does attempt to help and support the party on multiple occasions in the Citadel and seems to be friendly toward Victoria. He is aware of the source of Infusion’s power, even apologizing to another member of that group for the Empire’s behavior.

Mateus, when controlled by another person, is an unquestioningly compliant weapon. He processes information aloud in a manner comparable to an Enforcer, and will only obey commands issued in High Vostinian.

In the Post-Game

After Vahskali has been fully reconstructed, Mateus will take up residence in the southwest corner of the settlement. He wears a white tunic with blue accents, and no longer wears an eyepatch—exposing his green, cybernetic eye. Upon first entering his house, Mateus will greet the party.

On the back wall of Mateus’ home is a framed document noting his legal name change to Mateus Libratus—his prior name (“X X”) being little more than a placeholder.


  • Mateus is the only character encountered by the party who is known to have been re-educated.
  • The origin of Mateus and Victoria’s pseudo-friendship may be partially explained in Victoria’s dream. The final portion of the dream reveals that Victoria joined the Great Council at roughly the same time as Mateus’ Enforcer conditioning was being rolled back.
    • This would have made both of them relatively “new” to the work environment of the Citadel, despite Mateus’ (technical) employment there for a number of years.