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The following locations are featured within Wrytoll, but do not have enough information to require individual pages.

Henri’s bar

An inn-and-bar hybrid located in the Oldtown district of the Wrytollian capital; owned and operated by Henri. It serves as the initial meeting point for Lana Dorian and Antonio de Leónra, though it is revisited once after this event.

Following Henri’s imprisonment and probable death or re-education, it can be assumed that the bar has been shut down.

Grand Central Square

As the northernmost district in the capital, Grand Central Square is closest to the Storynth and furthest from the Citadel. It is a stop on the Green Line of trains that run through the city.

Oldtown Housing District B

A housing area designated for low-income residents in Oldtown. Lana’s unit is 47th, making its full designation 047B.