Storynth Wiki

Entrance hall

The Storynth's entrance hall is the fortress' uppermost layer, sitting just beyond the Final Gate. The hall is relatively nondescript, with the exception of five pillars along its back wall and two torches, the latter of which bathe the room in blue light.

There is a rectangular hole at the back of the hall that serves as the only means of descending to deeper layers of the Storynth.

Zorvus' house

Zorvus Stormhowl's residence lies just west of Exile's Path, essentially on the southwestern bank of the Gaurelion River. His home is constructed out of brown, tiled stone. The interior of the structure is essentially divided into five rooms—a small entryway, a living space and kitchen, a bathroom, and two bedrooms—all of which have light, wooden floors. There is a small carpet that sits underneath a table in the main area of the home, and a fire pit along its back wall.

Gaurelion Waterpaths

The Waterpaths found in Gaurelion River were designed to aid in navigation through particularly tumultuous parts of the river, though they are rarely utilized by the time of Storynth. Dakos and Elloria utilize one of the Waterpaths during their travels together; the route is entirely empty except for a Priest of Solurec named Relkor.

Jacob and Lyrem's camp

Jacob is a human living in the northeast of the Bloodmorse Hunting Grounds alongside a batling named Lyrem. He explains that he enjoys traveling, and often works in procuring the crystals used by Cid in his clockwork contraptions.

If the player speaks to Lyrem, she can carry them through the Hunting Grounds at a significantly faster speed than the party's usual rate of travel.

Last Reprieve

The Last Reprieve lies beyond the sealed gate in the Lost Sanctum, and serves as the party's last stopping point before reaching the Heart of the Storynth. During the main story, the Last Reprieve holds only a broken pedestal of some forgotten statue; in the post-game, however, it is the location of the seventh and final Waygate portal.