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Morgan Aviras (/ˈmɔrgən ˈɑviˑrɑs/) is the Commander of the Cerulosian Order, living and working in the Cathedral of Cerulos. He is considered the leader of all Paladins of Cerulos, though the Inquisitors also possess their own, secondary leader.


Morgan is a human of at least middle age—if not older—bearing dark brown skin, grey hair, and green eyes. He wears the style of silver armor commonly associated with Paladins of the Cerulosian Order. His armor is accented with vibrant red metal and a matching cloak. He has moderately long hair and a full beard, but no mustache.


Morgan is generally methodical and kind, albeit something of a traditionalist. He cares for the safety of his Paladins, but also trusts each individual to act responsibly when operating on their own. In general, Morgan prefers to let Diana command the Cerulosian Inquisition due to her firsthand experience in the sect.

Morgan genuinely misses his child, but has no reliable way of reaching them due to the loss of his ability to open the Final Gate (except when specifically authorized by the Great Council).

This section contains story spoilers.
If talked to in their inn, Cirran can reveal that Morgan named them as his successor to the role of Commander, prioritizing bloodline over experience.

This caused a good deal of outrage among the Inquisitors, who assumed that Diana would be next in line to lead due to her extensive experience as a Paladin and an Inquisitor; even Cirran agreed that she would be better suited for the position. To escape both the rising tensions within the Order and the Vostinian Empire as a whole, Cirran pried open the Final Gate and took shelter within the Storynth.

The pair are eventually reunited during the Day of Reckoning.


  • Morgan was one of the first non-playable characters created for the game.
  • Morgan can be seen in the audience of the Trial By Combat’s Gold Rank, presumably to see Cirran fight.