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Mylor Stormhowl (/ˈmaɪːlɔr ˈstɔrmhaʊl/), is a Priest of Solurec formerly stationed in Vahskali. After the settlement’s destruction, he took up residence in Thunderfall Canyon, and serves as the boss encounter for the region.


Mylor is an elderly Fieli with green skin, reddish-pink hair, and yellow eyes. Like many Priests of Solurec, Mylor’s hair is shaved; however, his hair color can still be seen in his eyebrows and stubble. Mylor typically wears a set of gold-colored plate armor and has his left eye covered with a black eyepatch.


Mylor is dutiful and unwavering in his role as a guardian, though he also demonstrates a genuine respect for others. He is relatively logical, as demonstrated both in his doubt over the feasibility of reaching the Tomb of Cerulos and his willingness to change his mind about someone he once considered a traitor.

Mylor seems to retain some fondness in regard to Zorvus, though he is somewhat ashamed of this (turning away from the player if they ask if he’s seen Zorvus pass through the Canyon).

In the Post-Game

At the beginning of the post-game, Mylor has left his post in Thunderfall Canyon. Following the first upgrade of Vahskali, he will take up residence in the home located in the southeast of the town. Within his residence, Mylor can be spoken to about a variety of topics, and generally seems to be much happier now that he’s returned to living in the settlement.

Mylor also serves as the third opponent in the Silver Rank of the Trial By Combat.


  • Mylor’s spear bears a cloth ornament tied at the top of its handle. This weapon appearance is used exclusively by him.
  • Mylor’s battle theme was given the placeholder title of “Mylor’s Music,” which (for better or worse) ended up as its final name.