Pilgrim's Road is a dungeon that runs through the second-lowest layer of the Storynth. It serves as the sixth dungeon in the fortress.


Pilgrim's Road is an ancient system of rooms and passageways made of a light grey stone. The Road is extremely disused, resulting in prominent deterioration in parts of its walls and floors. It is populated exclusively by magical constructs, though these guardians are either inactive or suffering from an affliction comparable to that of the Ferali.

The path through the dungeon diverges at its halfway point, with two options for progression. These routes are as follows:

Traveler's Path

The Traveler's Path is considered the easier of the two routes, though it is longer and more meandering than its more difficult counterpart. Enemy encounters are less common when traversing this path.

Champion's Path

The Champion's Path is considered the more difficult of the two routes, though it is also shorter than its easier counterpart. Enemy encounters are much more common; to account for this, a healing well is found at the start of the route.

Clearing the Champion's Path allows the player to access a chest containing the Ancient Fieli Breastplate, an armor piece that is otherwise unobtainable.


The architecture and name of Pilgrim's Road seems to indicate that it was once a place of worship. This is further supported by its proximity to the Tomb of Cerulos and Heart of the Storynth.

The room at the dungeon’s halfway point includes what appears to be an area for prayer and offerings to a deity, though the exact function of this space is not explicitly specified.

Boss Encounter

Vanguard stands guard near the entrance to the Tomb of Cerulos. Approaching the construct will cause Dakos to comment on what seems to be an energetic disturbance stemming from the corrupt construct. Vanguard approaches the party and begins the area’s boss fight.

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