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Solurec is a god-being associated with power, skill in combat, shadow, and healing. Her magic is best suited for use by the Fieli, and worship of Solurec is common on both individual and collective scales. Unlike her counterpart, Solurec’s magic is not equally potent in all of its applications—its bias is toward use in combat rather than in everyday scenarios.


Like other god-beings, Solurec typically remains intangible, as this form allows her to spread her energy over a greater area. If necessary, however, she can assume an avatar, the power of which varies based upon how she chooses to divide her energy.

The Avatar of Solurec has grey skin, short, grey-white hair, and yellow eyes. This form has pointed ears like those of modern Fieli, but lacks a tail. Typically, the Avatar appears in a grey-black dress.


Solurec’s power is slightly more unpredictable than the magic of Cerulos, in part due to its seemingly conflicting elements (offense and healing). Although her magic is incompatible with Humoni spellcasters, she harbors no ill will toward the species, even though the humans of the past demonized and shunned her. Like Solurec, her personality is relatively subdued when using her Avatar, though she is observed to be rational and direct.