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The Solurecian faith is a set of religious and spiritual practices commonly associated with the Storynth’s Fieli. The Priesthood of Solurec is a religious organization dedicated entirely to the worship of Solurec.

Basic Principles

Followers of the Solurecian faith worship Lady Solurec, a god-being associated with power, skill in combat, shadow, and healing. Followers of Solurec tend to value individuality, freedom, and maintaining others' well-being.


Solurecian magic often feels invigorating and warm to both the caster and their target. Those unfamiliar with the sensation might articulate it as being like an electric current running through their body.

In addition to its basic curative properties, Solurecian magic is also well-suited to bolstering one’s physical strength and defensive fortitude, making it popular with healers and warriors alike.


Fieli are the most common devotees of Solurec, partly because of their organic compatibility with her magic. In Wrytoll, little record exists of Solurec, in no small part due to her demonization by humans of the past.

Priesthood of Solurec

The Priesthood of Solurec is the primary religious order of the Solurecian faith. Headquartered in Lykoria, the Priesthood‘s members provide both spiritual counsel and protection from physical and magical threats.

Traditionally, a Priest of Solurec would be stationed in every settlement within the Storynth. In addition to helping the people of the settlement and maintaining its associated temple to Solurec, the Priests were trained to contain or expel any Ferali that emerged from within the population.

Solurec Statues

Statues of Solurec can be found throughout the Storynth. Standing in front of one and praying to Solurec will bestow a greater blessing upon the worshipper. From a gameplay perspective, these greater blessings boost the stats of all party members, but they can only be acquired once from each statue.


The following is a summary of locations featuring statues of Solurec that are capable of bestowing greater blessings.

  • Merkalet: In the northeast of the village, within a Temple of Solurec
  • Lykoria: Near the center of town, on a platform surrounded by tall pillars
  • Dusklight: On the eastern edge of the village, within a Temple of Solurec
  • The Bloodfort: Within the lower floor of the Barracks, located in the center of the uppermost passageway