Storynth Wiki

Welcome, Humoni! This wiki is intended as a knowledge base for all things related to Storynth, from information about its characters to behind-the-scenes details about the development of the game.

What is Storynth?

Storynth is an independent role-playing game available now on Steam and! It released on July 10, 2020. Information about the game can also be found on its official site.

In order to escape the tyrannical rule of the Vostinian Empire, a young adventurer allies with a freedom fighter, a spell-slinger, and an aspiring Inquisitor on a journey through the Storynth, an ancient fortress designed to contain the monstrous threat of the Fiends.

What's in the Game?

  • 4+ hours of main story content
  • Post-game activities and unlockables
  • Five playable characters, each with a specialized set of skills
  • Over 60 pieces of music
  • More than 20 in-game achievements to hunt down
  • 9 dungeons, 7 fast-travel points, and 5 towns

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