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The Bloodfort (/ˈblʌdfɔrt/) is a Bloodmorse settlement located southwest of Dusklight, and to the west of the Bloodmorse Hunting Grounds. It is the fourth settlement visited by the party, and the last remaining stronghold of Fiendish nobility. Blood King Hrekoseriat serves as the Clan’s leader, based out of the Hall of the Blood King.


The Bloodfort is a great fortress made from light grey stone, surrounded on all sides by a thick and well-defended wall. In recent times, the hollow portions of this wall have been converted into civilian housing.

The Bloodmorse Hunting Grounds encompass the area to the east of the fortress, while Thunderfall Canyon runs through the region to its west.


Special Locations

Hall of the Blood King

The Hall of the Blood King serves as the ancestral home and base of operations for the Bloodmorse royal family. In recent history, however, the Hall has become mildly dilapidated—its staff reduced to two employees, its once-grand bath drained of water, and its noble family’s tomb left unattended.

Hrekoseriat Bloodmorse is initially encountered in the Hall, and can later be found performing a variety of tasks within his personal quarters. He possesses a personal statue of Solurec, though this statue cannot bestow blessings upon the party.

The courtyard on the eastern edge of the Hall contains the noble family’s tomb. In the lobby of this structure, the party can read a few entries in Hrekoseriat’s journal, revealing details about the onset of the Ferali curse and the nature of the Bloodfort’s perpetual winter.

Cirran’s Inn

The Bloodfort’s inn is owned and operated by Cirran Aviras. Upon first entering the inn, a cutscene will play, reuniting Cirran and Elloria.

It is also the location in which Zorvus reveals new information to the party about a being called Kytaariel.

Bloodfort Sanctuary

The Sanctuary, built into the walls of the Bloodfort, serves as a residential location for most who live in the fortress. It seems to have been constructed after the fire that destroyed various buildings in the Bloodfort (including the inn and the Temple of Solurec). Two guards are posted at either edge of the first area of the Sanctuary, precluding access to the rest of the structure.

The Barracks

The Bloodfort’s barracks house the fortress’ warriors and guards, including those belonging to the Alvokirri—Hrekoseriat’s elite kingsguard. The barracks are a two-story structure; the ground floor serves as something of a living space, and the lower floor accommodates bedroom. Following the fire that destroyed the Bloodfort’s Temple of Solurec, her statue was moved to the barrack’s lower floor.


Until ~35 years ago, the Bloodfort and its surrounding lands were relatively temperate and stable in overall climate. This contrasts greatly with the modern state of the Bloodmorse Territory—icy, hostile lands engulfed in unrelenting winter.

As revealed in Hrekoseriat’s journal, the shift in climate is a byproduct of the Blood King’s magical instability. By shifting his focus to maintaining the stability of his mana, the characteristics of the protective barrier covering Clan Bloodmorse’s lands were altered, resulting in freezing temperatures and “crystalline rain” (snowfall).