Storynth Wiki

The Storynth (/ˈstɔrɪnθ/) is an ancient fortress designed as a means of containing the Fiends of Wrytoll. It is sealed by the Final Gate, a magical barrier that typically disintegrates targets upon impact.


The Storynth contains a variety of micro-climates and topographic features, largely due to the magical influence of the Fieli that live there. In addition to the Fieli and a limited number of humans, the Storynth is also populated by a variety of magical creatures, including batlings, magmites, and latgeika. Non-magical creatures are also seen within the Storynth, such as the fish in Dusklight.

The Storynth contains five major settlements and seven of the game’s nine dungeons. Different regions of the Storynth are linked via its Waygates.


In the modern era, the Final Gate’s energy is observed to be cyclical, with its “weakest night” being the preferred time for humans to enter the Storynth. Victoria indicates that the Gate requires sporadic maintenance, which serves as an excuse to let Lana and Antonio inside.

This section contains story spoilers.
According to Zorvus, the Humoni and Fieli were once a singular people, but fell into conflict for unknown reasons. Their deity, Kytaariel, allied with the group that would eventually become the Fieli, but part of his essence splintered in rebellion and love for both factions. These “splinters” became the deities Cerulos and Solurec.

After a century of warfare, the Humoni successfully slew Kytaariel’s physical form and constructed a massive fortress to serve as a means of containing Kytaariel’s energy and imprisoning the Fieli. Kytaariel’s corpse was placed at its Heart, and the Final Gate was sealed from both sides to ensure that the god’s power remained locked within.


  • The name of the Storynth was first created more than 2 years before the game began development.