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Thunderfall Canyon is a dungeon located in the former Stormhowl Territory of the Storynth. It serves as the fifth dungeon in the Storynth.


Thunderfall Canyon is a rocky, barren region, permanently and dramatically reshaped thanks to a volcanic eruption. Its walls are a grey-brown, volcanic rock; the ground has been covered in grey stone.

The canyon possesses various points at which travelers can enter its underground areas. These places contain still-burning pools of magma, around which fire spirits called magmites can be encountered.

The Bloodfort is located east of Thunderfall Canyon, while Vahskali is found to its south.


In the past, Thunderfall Canyon seems to have served a similar purpose to the Bloodmorse Hunting Grounds as a place in which members of the Stormhowl Clan could find resources and train.

This section contains story spoilers.
As revealed in Ewan’s dream, Kytaariel was responsible for the volcanic activity that destroyed Vahskali and dramatically altered Thunderfall Canyon. This “natural” disaster, coupled with Kytaariel’s manipulation of Ewan, resulted in the majority of Clan Stormhowl’s remaining citizens meeting their demise.

Boss Encounter

Mylor Stormhowl guards the pass leading to Vahskali, and requires that the party battle against him to prove their strength. This begins the area’s boss fight.

Upon reducing Mylor’s health to half, his Spearmaster’s Flurry skill will automatically activate, dealing heavy damage to the party.


  • One of the four strange objects can be found here.
  • Strangely, lighting effects in the underground portions of the dungeon caused major performance issues, especially when repeatedly attempting to transfer between the dungeon’s layers. This was partially corrected with Patch 1.0.1.