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The Tomb of Cerulos is a spiritually significant site to both the Humoni and Fieli, though its significance has been diminished due to its growing inaccessibility. It is the intended end-point for a Paladin of Cerulos’ pilgrimage to join the Cerulosian Inquisition.


The Tomb of Cerulos is constructed from grey-white stone, and possesses both a small entryway and a primary chamber. It serves as the magical source for the leylines that power the Storynth’s Waygates.

The main chamber of the Tomb includes stairs to a platform split in two; one half is deeply linked with Cerulos, while the other shares a comparable bond with Solurec. Prior to the post-game, the physical avatars of both deities can be seen in the center of their respective sections.


The history of the Tomb of Cerulos is not heavily detailed. It is known to be a very old location, and one of few elements of the Storynth that is known to humans in the World Above (albeit mostly within one organization).

According to Zorvus, the avatars of Solurec and Cerulos are relatively new additions to the Tomb, as they were not present when Zorvus last had access to the location. Because Zorvus indicates that his last visit was when Dakos was still a child, it can be estimated that the deities’ avatars have only existed for ~20-25 years.

In the Post-Game

After completing the main story, the Tomb’s appearance and functionality remains largely the same, with one notable exception: that the avatars of Cerulos and Solurec have departed.


  • If the party returns to the Tomb through use of the Waystone, but before viewing the area’s cutscene, they will be placed in the entryway of the Tomb rather than on its Waygate marker.
  • The Tomb of Cerulos is the only location in which the player cannot sprint.