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The Trial By Combat is an activity made available to the player after finishing the main story. It functions much like an arena, and is operated by Gariok out of a tent in Lykoria.


Prior to completing the story, the player can enter the Trial By Combat tent, but will find that it is empty. A sign in the tent indicates that the owner has gone away to acquire more supplies and sell their wares.

In the Post-Game

After the party returns to Vahskali, Ewan will tell them about the Trial By Combat, mentioning that he helped the operator set up the arena.

After clearing certain Ranks of the Trial By Combat, Ewan will be able to upgrade virtue of him aggressively betting on the party’s victory.

Upon first entering the Trial By Combat tent, Gariok will provide an explanation of the Trial.


There are five Ranks of the Trial By Combat. Access to most of these Ranks is contingent upon completion of their preceding neighbor (e.g. the Gold Rank will not be playable until the Silver Rank has been completed).

The first three Ranks of the Trial are comprised of three battles each; the final two are only one battle. Many bosses encountered earlier in the game make an appearance in the Trial By Combat, though there are also new challengers.

Bronze Rank

  • Kohalia
  • Atok
  • Levtarin

Silver Rank

Gold Rank

Trial of the God

Trial of the Goddess


  • Various characters from throughout the Storynth will make cameos in the audience during different Ranks of the Trial.
    • Erzabat and Nalkaseriat will sit next to each other during the Bronze Rank, subtly referencing their status as siblings.
    • Similarly, two related weapon vendors—Gomaerix and Loraevix—will sit next to each other in the Silver Rank.
    • Morgan will appear during the Gold Rank, presumably to watch Cirran fight.
  • While Velziran’s father is not encountered during the main story, he will always appear in the underground arena alongside Fyreldin. If spoken to, he will remark that he’s glad to meet Velziran’s friends and will happily cheer both her and her mother on in the Trial.
  • Ewan wasn’t able to upgrade Vahskali after the Silver Rank due to not wanting to place a bet against his new resident and (presumed) friend.