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Vahskali (/vɑsˈkɑli/) is a mostly abandoned Stormhowl settlement located far southwest of Bloodfort, and directly south of Thunderfall Canyon. It is the fifth settlement visited by the party. During the main story, it is occupied exclusively by Ewan Caill.


Ruins of Vahskali

In its initial appearance, Vahskali is practically empty, possessing only a Waygate marker, two ruined pillars, and Ewan’s Shinn. It is covered in the same grey rock found throughout Thunderfall Canyon, indicating that it was affected by the same volcanic eruption that reshaped the canyon.

Vahskali, Remade?

(See this section for more details.)

After returning to Vahskali in the post-game, the town is revealed to have started growing grass again. The party is given the opportunity to upgrade the settlement, causing new structures to be added.


Ewan’s Shinn

The Shinn is a multipurpose building constructed by Ewan to serve as both a shop and an inn. By standing directly in front of either counter in the Shinn, Ewan will rush over to that side of the building to assist the party.

Ewan’s lack of access to building supplies when constructing the Shinn apparently led him to build and “carve” the structure himself.


Vahskali traditionally served as the seat of power for Clan Stormhowl’s noble family, making it a common location for members of the Clan to live and work. Following the breaking of the line of succession and Vahskali’s destruction in the same event that reshaped Thunderfall Canyon, the few surviving Stormhowl Fieli dispersed throughout the rest of the Storynth.

In the Post-Game

After completing the main story, the party will use their Waystone to return to Vahskali. Ewan will reveal his plans to upgrade and rebuild the settlement, directing players to the Trial By Combat.

The following area is added after the town’s first upgrade:

Mylor’s House

Following the party’s victory in the Bronze Rank of the Trial By Combat, Ewan will complete construction of a home for Mylor. Unlike his appearance in Thunderfall Canyon, Mylor does not wear his Priesthood armor, instead electing for a more casual, robe-like garment. The party can speak to him about various topics. Upon ending the conversation, Mylor will affirm that the group is always welcome to visit.

The following areas are added after the town’s second and final upgrade:

Cerusolurecian Temple

The Cerusolurecian Temple is a grand structure made to emulate both Fieli and Humoni architectural styles, befitting its status as a temple to both Solurec and Cerulos. The party can find Ewan in the back of the Temple; if they speak to him, he will challenge them to a duel. Should they defeat him, he will join the party as a Secret Playable Character. In Ewan’s pre-duel speech, he indicates that the Temple was initially constructed to safeguard the Avatar of Cerulos and Avatar of Solurec.

Mateus' House

Mateus will take up residence in the southwest of Vahskali. He wears a different, more casual outfit and lacks an eyepatch, exposing his cybernetic implant. Like Mylor, Mateus can be asked about a variety of topics, revealing slightly more about his background and links to Enforcer M.


  • Vahskali was the last town in the Storynth to have its music composed and implemented.