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Velziran Salome (/ˈvelziran ˈsaʔlomɛ/) is a Mage belonging to House Salome, the last prominent magical family based in Wrytoll. While her official purpose in entering the Storynth is to oversee Elloria’s pilgrimage to the Tomb of Cerulos, she seems to have other goals at both the academic and personal level. She is a playable character who uses a variety of magical techniques, especially those related to fire.


Velziran is a young adult human with dark brown skin, black hair, and purple eyes. She wears the deep blue robes that are commonly associated with House Salome. Velziran’s hair is short and spiky in the back, with her long bangs parted slightly to the right. Her left eye is partially obscured by her bangs.


Velziran is resourceful, eager to learn, and confident in her abilities. She is not easily angered, except by injustice and wanton destruction of magical and educational resources. Velziran prefers to solve problems and resolve conflict through the use of logic rather than emotion.

Velziran’s thirst for knowledge and concern for the well-being of others and the world led her to restore various forbidden House Salome texts through the use of temporal magic. While this allowed her to gain proficiency in Sraharl and understand the general layout of the Storynth even before entering, it also led to severe repercussions with the leadership of her House. Much of Velziran’s mana and magical power remains sealed during the events of the game due to the Atriarch’s binding spells—a punishment for breaking House Salome’s codes.

Final Weapon

This section contains story spoilers.
Velziran receives the Fieli Greatstaff, an heirloom of Master Scholar Talrendis’ family, after Zorvus’ visit to the Bloodfort. Talrendis believed that her ancestor’s volume on translating between Humoni and Fieli languages had been lost, so she was stunned to learn that a Mage from the World Above had learned Sraharl through a copy of the book.

The staff’s appearance, menu icon, and attack animation are purple in color.


  • Velziran’s surname was originally Clearwater. Additionally, this surname was temporarily given to Elloria after it was determined that Velziran’s would be changed. In the end, it wound up being Velziran’s (non-magical) father’s surname.
  • Velziran’s blue fire—a trait she shares with her mother Fyreldin—is a result of both Mages’ mana potency, stemming from their direct ties to both House Salome and House Leoric.
  • The Fieli Greatstaff was originally intended to be given to Velziran by a Fiend named Olmaran, but this scene was changed to reduce cutscene density in the Bloodfort.
  • Velziran’s event objects are often titled “Velzi,” though she’s never referred to as such in-game.