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Victoria Libratus (/vɪkˈtɔriə lɪbˈrɑːtus/) serves as the Wrytollian representative on Augustin Devalt’s Great Council. Secretly, she also acts as leader of the Harbingers, a rebel group opposed to the Vostinian Empire and its occupation of Wrytoll.


Victoria is an adult human with brown skin, reddish-pink hair, and blue-green eyes. Victoria most commonly appears wearing a brown coat, dark pants, and fingerless gloves. The back of her hair is styled to sit in front of her right shoulder; its bluntly-cut front is slightly longer on the right side than the left.


Victoria is organized, pragmatic, and optimistic. She capably balances her responsibilities as the Wrytoll’s representative on the Great Council and as leader of the Harbingers, even misleading the Council in order to protect her Harbingers. While not impulsive, Victoria is quick to act upon spontaneous plans if the circumstances are accommodating.

More than anything else, Victoria is devoted to her goal of establishing social equity, which she hopes to reach through Wrytollian liberation.


  • Victoria’s surname, Libratus, is inspired by the Latin “Liberatus,” which comes from the verb meaning “to free” or “to liberate” (liberare).
    • “Libratus” also appears in Latin, originating from the verb meaning “to balance” or, when used figuratively, “to consider” (librare).
  • While not explicitly mentioned, the reason why Antonio could easily call in a favor with Victoria was due to his relatively recent prevention of an attempt on her life. (However, it’s fairly probable that Victoria would’ve let Lana and Antonio into the Storynth even without this “favor.”)