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The Vostinian continent contains all regions and territories controlled by the Vostinian Empire, spanning the whole of the human world's western hemisphere. Although Fieli usually use the phrase "World Above" in reference to Wrytoll, the term could more broadly be applied to the entire Vostinian continent. During the events of Storynth, the Vostinian continent is divided into five regions—former nations that were conquered and annexed by the Empire within the last 300 years.


Vostinia occupies the northernmost portion of the continent, and serves as the origin point for the Vostinian Empire and their leader. Prior to the formation of the Empire, Vostinia was controlled by an oppressive Imeldunni regime. After a successful rebellion and expulsion of the Imeldunni, Augustin Devalt and Klaus Westerly began to implement their plan to unite the whole of the world under one banner.


Imeldun sits southeast of Vostinia, with much of its territory having been displaced as a byproduct of the Empire's eventual war (and annexation) of their former rulers.

Devalt elected to name Klaus as the Great Council's Imeldunni representative, somewhat to the chagrin of Imeldun's deposed political figures.


Ayfiel is a centrally located region previously ruled by a class of magical nobles. In Klaus' dream, Devalt mentions that the Ayfielian leadership lacks awareness of their people's needs; it is unclear if this issue continued to persist up to and after the Empire's conquest of the region.

Margherit D'Ayfiel, the last Princess of Ayfiel, serves as the Great Council's Ayfielian representative.


Ceretin lies in the southwest of the Vostinian continent. The "correct" placement of its border relative to Ayfiel was historically a point of contention between the Ayfielian royal family and Ceretin's ruling magical family, House Leoric.

The Matriarch of House Leoric gave Emrys Leoric to Augustin Devalt when the Mage was a child, leading Emrys to regard the Emperor as his father. Devalt's trust in his "son" led him to name Emrys as the Ceretini representative on the Great Council.


Wrytoll is the southernmost region on the Vostinian continent, and the current location of Imperial command. The Wrytollian capital sits just to the south of the Storynth, with the Empire apparently taking some level of interest in the Fiends that sometimes emerge from the fortress. Wrytoll was conquered roughly a century before the events of Storynth.

Victoria Libratus currently serves as the Great Council's Wrytollian representative. It is unknown if she was preceded by another representative, or if Wrytoll was left without representation on the Council.