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The Vostinian Empire is a human government that possesses absolute control of the Vostinian continent. Led by the ruthless Augustin Devalt, the Empire prefers to maintain peace throughout its territories through cultural assimilation and strict enforcement of its legal and sociocultural practices.


Prior to the formation of the Empire, Vostinia was controlled by an oppressive Imeldunni regime. In an effort to free their people from tyranny, Devalt and Klaus organized a rebellion, which eventually forced Imeldun out of Vostinian lands.

In an attempt to end the cycle of violence and bloodshed, Devalt devised a plan: to join the entire world in one culture under the Vostinian banner. This, he theorized, would eliminate the social and cultural conflicts that so often led to humanity’s strife.

In Storynth

By the events of Storynth, the Vostinian Empire has annexed all regions on the continent. One representative from each region has been integrated into the Great Council, done largely as a means of placating those who would criticize the amount of political power afforded to the Emperor. The Great Council’s current base of operations is the Citadel.

Although most citizens of the Empire are at least compliant with Imperial policies, there is at least one active resistance organization in direct opposition to Imperial occupation of Wrytoll.


The Vostinian Empire prioritizes order and stability over personal freedom; to that end, Imperial laws and cultural norms heavily encourage compliance with authority. Languages outside of Low Vostinian and High Vostinian are banned, as are all religious and cultural organizations that the Empire cannot utilize for military purposes. Those that can be integrated into the Vostinian military, such as the Cerulosian Order or certain magical Houses, are permitted to exist—albeit under some degree of supervision from the Empire.

Maintaining order and obedience within the Imperial populace is typically achieved through a combination of strict law enforcement, propaganda, and a widespread (if not particularly detailed) understanding of the consequences of noncompliance. In the modern era, the Empire uses Enforcers as law enforcement due to their strength, stamina, and ability to access digital records in real time.

Those who defy minor laws, such as breaking curfew or public rowdiness, are given a strike on their individual record. After the third strike, they face short-term incarceration.

More major offenders or individuals who possess information the Empire wishes to extract are often held in Imperial re-education facilities rather than traditional jails. If an offender is re-educated, their previous identity is erased, though this also means that their record of violations is archived and rendered void.